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AUGUST 19 - OCTOBER 7, 2017 

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Library Street Collective (LSC) is proud to present new work from Detroit native AJ Fosik.  The exhibition, From Ripe to Rot, explores the aesthetics of impermanence through totems of hallucinatory beasts and is the artist’s most refined work to date. Inspired by the spectacle of nature, Fosik has forged a distinctive visual language to convey the divine attributes of ephemerality through vivid architectural works.

A visual artist and masterful craftsman, Fosik’s elaborate three-dimensional wood constructions demonstrate an unparalleled talent and vision for the medium. Using intricate fragments of wood, each hand carved and individually assembled, Fosik has developed an iconography for the present moment, evocative of timeless representations of spirituality and psychic folklore.  “I think sometimes people mistake my work for the macabre but in fact it is the opposite, I use imagery tied to the impermanence of being in my work as a celebration of this brief time we have,” says Fosik.

Portland, Oregon (January 16th, 2014) - AJ Fosik has created 13 sculptures that were delivered to 13 artists in Tokyo for a unique collaboration project, Beast From A Foreign Land. Unlike AJ’s normal work, these pieces are unfinished and can be disassembled so that each artist can customize each individual piece of the sculpture. The result will be a unique collaboration between a stellar list of artists in Tokyo and one of Portland’s most well known artists.


HPGRP Gallery - Opening reception April 18th 7-9pm

b1f, 5-1-15 jingumae shibuya-ku tokyo 150-0001


Presented by Hellion Gallery 

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